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 RazorRaptor's Resignation Post

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Sergeant Major
Sergeant Major

PostSubject: RazorRaptor's Resignation Post   Sun Sep 13, 2009 1:54 pm

I, RazorRaptor, officially resign from the =205th= Regiment.
My reasons stated for this resignation include:
  • My school has started and I got all the homework classes this trimester. It is extremely hard for me to find free time.

  • The clan's leader, FrostyMarine failed to withhold the forums, and activity.

  • Many of my friends have already resigned.

  • The clan has lost activity for some time and there is very little to no point of me staying.

I know I've done quite a few things for this clan, and I will regret resigning eventually, but, I think it's time for me to go for now.
I RazorRaptor hereby agree to the terms and conditions of resignation, and I realize I will not be able to re-join the =205th= regiment until a one month's time, if it still exists, anyways.
The clan had a great run, we had both high points and low. We were held as one on the battlefields of Operation 7, then had an adventure with our friends looking for a new one. We tried many games, of many genres, and we all had fun for awhile, chatting with our friends, making jokes, and now it has come to it's end. The =205th= Regiment was a place for friends, and even now it will still live on in history, as one of the greatest clans of Operation 7! HOOAH!
Now, when we look back, we will know we all were friends and will continue to be them until the internet dies, or we die, which ever comes first. I thank you guys for the great company and wish you good luck with the future of your lives, off the computer. It will sad to see the passing of the =205th=.
Goodbye =205th='s remaining members.

That is the end of my activity here at the =205th= Regiment. I wanted to go out with a bang, so enjoy "New Divide" by Linkin Park. I thought it matched the situation perfectly.

You can contact me at:
E-Mail: lighteningstorm@chater.net
STEAM: LaceratorX
Xfire: arshot
Facepunch: LaceratorX
Operation 7: RazorRaptor
BF2142: SoulFlameX
The Bastard Crew: RazorRaptor
World of Warcraft: Kaendrian (Spirestone)
Phaenor (Spirestone)
Mezzoscilian (Onyxia)

You can find me on:
Steam: LaceratorX
League of Legends: Chronology
Facepunch: Frontier

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1st Lieutenant
1st Lieutenant

PostSubject: Re: RazorRaptor's Resignation Post   Mon Sep 14, 2009 9:37 am

well this was it
razor was the last member here

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RazorRaptor's Resignation Post
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